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Halloween recipesJACK O' LANTERN PIZZA

Having a hard time feeding the troops of little ghouls before they go out to Trick or Treat? Planning a party, but can't think of a cute food idea? Try my Jack O' Lantern pizza!  This is a great recipe to keep the kids happy and feeding them before they go out treat hunting will keep them from eating anything until you can check out their candy first ... and get first pick of all the good stuff!

Or, whip up a couple for your Halloween party table. I use a Jack O' Lantern cookie sheet to make the pizza and add some touches to give it a real look. I hope you enjoy my Jack-O-Lantern pizza as much as I do! Tastes great, too!

1 pre-made soft pizza crust
1 bag of pre-cut pepperoni
1 8 oz. bag mozzarella & cheddar cheese mix
1 container pizza sauce
1 Green pepper
Jack-O-Lantern cookie sheet
Your choice of veggies
Halloween pumpkin pizza

Following the instructions on the pizza crust tube and pre-baking the crust after you shape it to the Jack-O-Lantern pan if this is called for. After the crust is done, cover it with the pizza sauce of your choice, add pepperoni and any veggies you want.

pumpkin pizza
Cover liberally with the cheddar/mozzarella cheese mix, making sure to cover anything underneath it. Cut green peppers in to thin slivers, save a larger piece to make the stem. Lay pieces out to make the indentations of the pumpkin.  Cut pieces of pepperoni to make the eyes, nose and mouth of the Jack-O-Lantern. You could also use a yellow pepper to do this for variation on a meatless pizza. Here's what it should look like before baking. Halloween cookbook
Bake according to the instructions on the pizza crust wrapper, usually about 20 minutes, but you'll know when it's done. The cheese will be all bubbly and the crust will be golden! It looks so yummy, you won't be able to wait to taste it and, maybe, share with all your spooky friends! Halloween
The finished pizza! It's almost too cute to cut! But never fear, with your trusty pizza cutter or a sharp knife, you can carve this Jack-O-Lantern just as easy as the real ones. And this one is much more fun to eat! Serve hot, while the cheese is still melted.

You could do this using a solid pizza crust, it won't be as cute since it won't be a pumpkin shape but you can still make a Jack-O-Lantern face.

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